2020 Group

In today’s world of uncertainty and change, digitization, symbolism and psychedelia, the purest of art forms are losing appreciation and acceptance. This is unfortunately true of the art scene in Sri Lanka as well.

Therefore, a group of senior artists of different disciplines, practicing distinctive styles of their own, from Realism, Impressionism and Idealism to Stylization and Figurative Art, using various mediums, such as Oils, Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal and Watercolour, have banded together under the name 2020 Group, in order to shift the spotlight back to Representational Art.

The 2020 Group was so named because it was established in the year 2020. They intend to follow international best practices and stay abreast of what is happening in the broad field of Representational Art worldwide, thus raising the bar for international acceptance amongst local artists and creating an interest in this art form amongst Sri Lankan artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Our Team

M I S S I O N 

For the work of the artists in this collective to be internationally recognized with a sound profile on their work. This would lead to re-igniting the appreciation for representational work in the country, with a carefully planned approach to bring it to the forefront as an undeniable force. It’s imperative for the group to have one voice locally and internationally to all stakeholders.


  • Follow international best practices and stay abreast of what is happening in representational art world wide, thus raising the bar for international acceptance locally. .
  • Participate in international and local art forums to represent Sri Lanka as a strong candidate/contender in representational work. Eg:-
    • International painting exhibitions
    • International representational painting contest
    • Painting workshops
    • Painting demonstrations
    • International art fair
    • International art auction
    • Artist exchange programs
    • Adding painting to international art museum collections
    • Publish in international art magazines
    • Selling painting online internationally
    • Signature membership pf art societies .
  • To act as a movement and lobby with relevant stakeholders within the country to showcase representational art to be an important sector in the broader spectrum of ‘arts’ in Sri Lanka. .
  • Inspire local artists as well as aspiring junior artist in Sri Lanka to engage in representational work and to know there is recognition in that sphere of art. Hence, encouraging more people to take up representational work. .
  • To have listed calendared activities for aspiring artists in Sri Lanka on forms of representational art techniques by educating in a structured manner. .
  • To encourage conservation and restoration to be carried out on past representational work done by key artists in various institutions. It would mean to work with specialized sources, international or local that has the knowhow in this area. The group is to back these efforts. .
  • To gain sufficient funding for the 2020group’s work at large and to carry out a series of calendared activities throughout the year.